B.H. Labrie Landscaping is about more than just landscaping. Our services are customized to fit your  budget and the needs of your landscape in order to keep it looking its  best all through the growing season. Our maintenance  personnel are properly trained and equipped to handle even the largest  and most detailed outdoor environments. So whether it’s mowing,  fertilizing, edging, aeration, weeding, pest control or a fall cleanup,  we will get it done and get it done right the first  time. 

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Exceptional Landscape Design


A well thought out landscape or hardscape design is the cornerstone of  every project. Our landscape design services range from consultations  and simple sketches, to computer generated and hand rendered plans. We  take time to understand the unique set of circumstances  on each property, taking in to account the soil, wind, drainage, sun  and shade conditions, and surrounding land use along with the individual  needs and desires of the client before we ever put a shovel in the  ground. 

Landscape Installation



  • Creative Firepits built to local code
  • Expansive outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor night lighting
  • Selective foundation plantings
  • Privacy plantings
  • Colorful Perennial gardens
  • Lawn installation – sod or hydroseeding
  • Water features – ponds & waterfalls
  • Stonewalls, walkways, patios
  • Driveways – gravel, Stone
  • Complete site work – grading, excavation, drainage

Irrigation Management


Water is a precious resource and can also be a costly one. From startup through maintenance and winterization, you can reduce the expense of over-watering through irrigation management based on analysis and smart technology. 

Landscape Maintenance


Beautiful year round landscaping makes an important positive impression  on visitors, tenants and employees. You can count on our commercial  landscape maintenance crews to give your property the reputation of  quality. Our team provides the expertise necessary  to care for your turf, trees, shrubs, and plants - providing a natural  environment that enhances the appeal of all of your properties. Our  property management service team will provide you with professional  services within a schedule that you can rely on -  leaving you with precious time and resources to devote to the many other challenges of running your business.  

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Storm Preparedness


The unpredictable weather patterns of recent years have devastating effects on the aesthetics and security of commercial properties. Heavy rainfall, wind, hail, and snow create safety hazards from debris, fallen branches, and slippery conditions. But you can  rest assured our top landscaping management services have you covered  when the damaging weather hits. We are your one-stop provider who can  take care of it all-debris removal, snow and ice removal, and property  maintenance. Together, we will establish a recovery  plan to minimize damage and avert risk. After the storm, we will be there to restore safety and aesthetics so that you can get back to business as usual. 

Exterior Landscape Maintenance


Maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of buildings and hard surfaces  are also essential to the reputation and appeal of your property. Our property management and maintenance service extend far beyond lawn care  and landscaping. 

When you schedule our exterior maintenance services, details like parking lot sweeping, sealing, and  striping- are more things for you to check off your to-do-list. 

With B.H  Labrie Landscape on your team, consider it done! 

Design-Build Services


Through an integrated approach, your project can benefit from seamless  project delivery. Utilizing design-build brings the pre-construction  team into the design process for improved estimating, better cost  control, faster timelines, fewer administrative burdens,  and more landscape for every dollar spent. 

Unmatched Landscape Construction


From hardscapes to softscapes, feel confident that our talented team and  collaborative process will bring innovative solutions and inspiring  ideas, grounded in construction and maintenance realities. 

Project Management


Projects of all sizes require big and small require substantial coordination, resources and time.  Work with experts who will develop creative solutions to ensure your  goals are met by anticipating issues and  navigating politically and technically challenging environments.