Our ongoing goal is to fulfill our mission statement on a daily basis and to continue to exceed expectations for both our residential and commercial clients. We specialize in all aspects of landscaping to give our clients the beautiful outdoor surroundings that they have always wanted, while providing snow and ice removal during the winter months.

Softscapes are the plant materials added to the garden. Trees, shrubs and perennials provide a multitude of interests and functions in your landscape. They provide seasonal interest through bark and leaf color, sequence of bloom, texture, structure and, fragrance. In addition, plants can be used to screen objectionable views and sounds, provide privacy, define boundaries, and control traffic.

Whether it be a simple brick-edge design to showcase a flowerbed or an elaborate, natural-looking stone wall nestled around a koi-filled pond, it seems like everyone these days wants to add a feature to their outdoor space. BH Labrie provides appealing designs that will make your home stand out.

Our staff of landscape design consultants will work with you to provide a complete design including installation which allows you to deal with one source through the entire landscape process. Whether creating a new landscape or re-designing an existing one, our designers take into consideration your lifestyle and the site conditions to create an individually-suited landscape.

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