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Full Scale CAD Designs:

requires great vision and a good game plan. There are certain things that should be done first in a landscape such as grading, leveling and heavy earth work – grass and plantings come last! We recommend that people have a landscape design done, and then work in phases or all together off of the design model that we create.

Full Scale CAD Designs:

Ideas are great, but a plan is bullet proof! We have multiple computer
programs in house, and upon the acceptance of a design estimate,
we will get a plot plan from the town hall and design your custom
scape to scale including sunlight directions & wind directions for
growing & planting purposes.
All design work is custom and
done hourly.

The design is printed on varying sized paper depending on the scope of work. A plant material list and price to
install is also included. The cost of the design depends upon the time and materials involved. We take the cost
of the design plan off of the bill when the install is complete. We even have a picture insert program for hypoth-
etical before and after shots to show our customers what their property could look like!

Professional Surveying:

Our landscape designers will come out and survey the land ahead
of time to make sure that all of the desired landscapes can be accomplished before the whole designing process begins.


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