In addition to all of our other services, BH Labrie offers patio design and installation. Patios not only add valuable charm and beauty to a yard, but they can also be used as a place to barbecue, or dine outside. There are so many design options for patios, and we will work with you to custom design a patio that suits your needs. We use only high-end materials so you can rest assured that you can enjoy your patio for many years.


Walkways add an elegant touch to any yard. Whether they lead to a beautiful garden, or your front door, they are sure to add a special charm to your outdoor surroundings. We design and install walkways with high quality materials so they can withstand plenty of foot traffic. Our experienced installers work efficiently and pay close attention to detail, so you can trust that your walkway will turn out to be a unique, eye-catching work of art.


Outdoor walls have both functional and aesthetic purposes.
They can create a unique, private place to relax, they can be used
to create multiple levels in your yard for retaining purposes, or they
can simply be used as an eye-catching addition to your landscape.

Our experienced installers work efficiently and pay close attention
to detail, so you can trust that your wall, for whatever purpose it
has, will combine both functionality with beauty.

New Lawns:

A lush lawn is something that we all strive for. Starting a new lawn can be an overwhelming task for someone to undertake, but our experienced team knows just what to do to bring a new lawn to it’s fullest potential.


Sod is often times used when starting a new lawn. It is a section of grass-covered surface soil held together by matted roots. Sod is an extremely efficient means of creating a lush green lawn.


Hydroseeding is a spray-on lawn application to get grass to grow quickly. It is a means of obtaining the best lawn possible next to sod. While mixing the ingredients in the spray tank, you are insuring the best possible mix. In every tank we mix the following: 19-19-19 starter Fert-Lesco seed (top quality) and fiber/paper mulch (the green stuff!) We exceed recommended amounts of each to insure a sod like lawn quality.

After the area has been prepared, finished being raked, etc. the mix in the tank is evenly and consistently sprayed on. Compared to regular hand seeding, the germination time with hydroseeding is cut in half because the paper mulch holds the moisture to the seed promoting fast germination (7 days rather than 14).


Many landowners want to create a pond for aesthetic or recreational purposes. Our experienced team knows all of the necessary steps that have to be taken in order to have a pond created on a property.

There are many design & environmental considerations to be made when creating a pond, so it is important to have a knowledgeable, experienced professional take on the task. Small ponds can have a plastic tub and large ones a plastic liner, depending on size. These
are built with low-maintenance in mind!


Enjoy the soothing sound and sight of a waterfall in the privacy of your own backyard! BH Labrie custom designs acquascapes to your liking to help you feel like you are getting away from it all just by walking out your back door! Aquascapes are a booming new trend in the industry. Waterfalls are often made from stone or granite and are multi-leveled or tiered. They are built with low-maintenance in mind!


One of our offered services is planting. We not only plant new life in your yard, but can also transplant trees/flowers, etc. to different locations that work best. It is important to take the correct measures when planting so the plant will not perish.


Mulch has both functional and aesthetic purposes. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and it sends nutrients into the soil to help surrounding life grow and flourish. It also creates nice borders and lines to add more beauty to your yard. BH Labrie will not only create new mulch beds, but we will maintain existing ones as well.

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